Dr. Karyne Messina’s Newsletter — Issue #4: Bridging the Ideological Divide on a Warming Planet

We can do great things if we work together.

Bridging the Ideological Divide on a Warming Planet

In Restoring the Quality of Our Environment, climate scientists Roger Revelle, Wallace Broecker, and others warned that “Man is unwittingly conducting a vast geophysical experiment. Within a few generations he is burning the fossil fuels that slowly accumulated in the earth over the past 500 million years …. The climatic changes that may be produced by the increased CO2 content could be deleterious from the point of view of human beings. The possibilities of deliberately bringing about countervailing climatic changes therefore need to be thoroughly explored.” The team predicted that, by the year 2000, we would see the melting of the Antarctic ice caps, rising sea levels, warming of the oceans, increased acidity of water, and other catastrophic events.

Other news: an OpEd and a conference on facing the threat of global warming

On July 9, the Baltimore Sun ran an opinion piece I wrote about my virtual visit to a Braver Angels meeting. I hope you’ll take a look and share your thoughts.



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Karyne Messina

Karyne Messina

I'm a psychologist and psychoanalyst focusing on helping people heal from toxic relationships